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Tennis Tip

Want a tennis tip you can’t afford to ignore? How about a free tennis tip that is guaranteed to improve your game and your technique? Along with many more, here is one we at Tennis Warrior stand behind: Repeat as necessary. Believe it or not, simple repetition of basic concepts—and not learning complicated steps and swings—is the key to succeeding on the court.

Tennis Tip

Repetition teaches players to succeed on the court just as repetition eventually teaches toddlers to go from walking to running. Just as babies don’t start out trying to run, neither should a tennis tip focus on the end product—such as a perfect forehand swing. Rather, all players of all levels would be well served to practice, practice, and practice areas of difficulty, concentrating on the overall feel of a movement, rather than its technical components. By utilizing our unique repetition strategy, players learn to:

  • Move past failure
  • Remain focused during play
  • Monitor their own progress and results
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn to handle each unique situation appropriately
  • Rely on their own skills and feel, rather than technique

However, don’t just take our word that our Tennis Warrior program works. We are so sure that our program can help all players of all levels that we’ve chosen to offer a wide array of information on our website that others normally charge for. Virtually any player can find a free tennis tip from our tennis expert, Tom Veneziano, that suits his or her needs. In addition, players are welcome to take Tom’s advice and try it on for size.

It doesn’t take long for players tired of not succeeding or paying for lessons that don’t work to realize that the advice Tom offers on his website, and through complimentary monthly online lessons, works. In addition, Tom takes time to break the complimentary information up so that novices and experts alike can understand what he is saying. Tips come in categories such as:

  • Physical Skills
  • Mental Skills
  • Tennis Myths

Those interested in learning even more can rest assured knowing that Tom’s advice is clear, no-nonsense guidance that offers tangible results.

Just as with all skills, becoming a competent player on the court requires repetition—and lots of it. The easily accessible information on TennisWarrior.com offers players the opportunity to embrace a free tennis tip that is ignored all too often: Repeat as necessary at www.tenniswarrior.com.

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