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Links to Other Tennis Sites

Below is a list of additional tennis sites to help you find more tennis information on the web.
  • WebTennis24.com
    Video based tennis instruction, tips, technique, tennis fitness, tennis drills and games

  • RacketCity.com
    e have a great range of Tennis and squash shoes displayed in-store and our expert staff can advise you on the best type of shoes to suit your style of play and your budget. Contact racketcity.com now to know more about tennis related products.

  • CollegeTennisCamp.com
    A passion for the development of future champions on and off the court through the college experience.

  • TennisEarth.com
    Live point by point text commentary, latest news & articles, live scores, rating system. A site dedicated to all aspects of tennis.

  • FemaleTennisPlayers.org
    High Quality Photos, Pics and Pictures of Famous Female Tennis Players.

  • PlayModernTennis.com
    Modern tennis international. Your personal online tennis coach.

  • Tennis Sport
    Tennis Sport is a website with lots of information about tennis, matches, players, tennis resorts and destinations, camps and academies.

  • TennisAtTheNet.com
    Online Tennis Club featuring articles, a free monthly newsletter, instruction for beginners and advanced players, drills and fun games for players and coaches.

  • WatchLiveTennis.org
    French Open Live: With the membership to our site, Watch Live French Open Tennis on your PC. Together with all other major tennis tournaments.

  • TennisTravelInfo.com
    Comprehensive information website for travel to the Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments.

  • AustralianOpenTravelInfo.com
    Travel information guide to the Australian Open.

  • FrenchOpenTravelInfo.com
    Travel information guide to the French Open.

  • WimbledonTravelInfo.com
    Travel information guide to Wimbledon.

  • USOpenTravelInfo.com
    Travel information guide to the US Open.

  • TennisEquipmentUSA.com
    Sells discounted tennis windscreens, posts, and nets. Secure online shopping. Superb 7-day a week customer service. Direct home delivery.

  • TennisTicketNews.com
    News articles, player's bios, tennis ticket sales for world wide events and much more.

  • ActiveAway.com
    Tennis Holidays by Active Away

  • FloridaTennisNews.com
    The latest, news, articles, photos, videos, gossip and much more. Subscribe to our free newsletter.

  • TennisRacketBracket.com
    Tennis Training Aid, tennis training videos, tennis tips and drills.

  • Mastersports.com
    Your source for the finest in tennis ball machines, stringing machines and tennis court accessories. Your Resource for Sam Ball Machines.

  • Tennisbeyondbigshots.com
    Tennis coach and prolific writer Greg Moran reveals his simple yet powerful strategies to quickly improve your game in his book, "Tennis Beyond Big Shots".

  • Dallas-tennis-lessons.com
    For the person who has high tennis goals and wants to play at the advanced level.

  • Globalsportscoaching.com
    A global website for tennis coaches and enthusiasts.

  • Tennisonfastforward.com
    The first European tennis instruction DVD that's a mixture of comprehensive images, animation and slow motion replays. It teaches tennis players to play smarter without changing their technique and to understand the consequences of particular choices..

  • Tennislessons-ny.com
    The home of your guide to better tennis. William Vazquez (Coach V.) provides stringing, tennis instruction, coaching and training for beginners to Tennis Professional in the New York area.

  • Joelrosstennis.com
    The Joel Ross tennis camp in Kent, CT.

  • Metro Tennis Ladder
    Men's singles tennis ladder serving the Minneapolis, MN area -- providing on-line scoring, rankings, players lists and results for members.

  • Tennis.com
    Official website of Tennis Magazine

  • Tenniswarehouse.com.au
    Australia's leading online retailer for tennis racquets, string, ball machines, stringing machines and more. The largest range of equipment at the best prices.

  • Championtennisclub.com
    Eastside New York's newest instructional tennis facility.

  • Peaksports.com
    Sports Psychology, mental training and mental toughness resources to enhance an athlete's confidence and composure.

  • Feliciano-lopez.com
    The official website of the Spanish tennis player Feli López.

  • Tennisplayer.net
    An instructional tennis site with thousands of high speed videos of the pros.

  • Bctennisleagues.50megs.com
    A website to help you organize league play in your area. All results posted on our website!

  • Operationdoubles.com
    Comprehensive, illustrated guide that covers everything from the first things to know to the top secrets of doubles.

  • Powertennistraining.com
    A fitness site specifically for tennis! 

  • Procomparetennis.net
    Tennis website offering hundreds of video clips and photo sequences of the worlds best ATP/WTA tennis players.

  • Mytennisstore.com
    The net's best collection of tennis apparel, tennis clothes and tennis accessories for men, women and children in all sizes.

  • Tennistip.com
    Tennis TIP's free Find a Partner service throughout the US. Tennis TIP is the how to play tennis guide for lessons, tips and partners.

  • Tennisfame.com
    International tennis hall of fame website.

  • Tennislifemagazine.com
    Official website of Tennis Life Magazine. 

  • Flowinsports.com
    Your mental skills coach.

  • Score-sticker.com
    Use Score-Stickers to keep score on your racquet. The easiest way to keep score in tennis. 

  • Racketcity.com
    Suppliers of sports equipment including Tennis Rackets, Squash Rackets, Badminton Rackets, Tennis Shoes and Tennis Equipment. 

  • Trojansportsmachines.com
    Tennis Ball Machine Showroom - Featuring Sports Tutor, Playmate, Wilson, Prince and Lobster. 

  • Collinscompany.com
    Specializing in windscreens, ball machines and tennis court equipment. 

  • Tennismates.com
    Have fun and find hitting partners around the world. 

  • Tennis4you.com
    Excellent tennis site for all round tennis information.

  • Lobsterinc.com
    Tennis Ball Machines. Lobster ball machines are built for life. All of our tennis ball machines are durable, fun to use, and will improve your fitness as you become a better player!

  • Attennis.com
    All things tennis. To help you explore many areas of tennis, from tennis pros to tennis camps. 

  • Dashcoaching,com
    Self help one-on-one coaches that are considered to be the best in the industry at DASH Coaching. 

  • Tennis-Equipment.info
    Information on tennis equipment including tennis racquets, balls, apparel, clothes, shoes, bags, string, ball launcher, and reviews.

  • 4SpecialtyTennis.com
    Tennis apparel and gifts for you and your tennis friends.

  • TennisAnyone.info
    Lessons for the entire family. Southern California ages 4 to 104! 

  • Tenniscampsaustrailia.com
    High quality tennis camps and vacations for both international travelers and Australians looking to improve their tennis.

  • Straightstrings.com
    Power Key - The Ultimate Tennis Accessory! Use the Power Key on any stringed racquet to safely and efficiently straighten your strings!

  • Sptennis.com
    Suppliers of tennis ball machines and stringing machines

  • Tenniscruz.com
    Your place for tennis information or a game of tennis in beautiful Kaiseraugst/Basil, Switzerland

  • WimbledonTennis.co.uk
    A comprehensive Wimbledon resource center including the latest news, match information, history tables, tickets, fan review, facts and statistics.

  • Tennisracquets.com
    Do you need help selecting a racket?

  • FullTimeTennis.com
    Employment and recruiting directory for tennis playing and tennis trainers. 

  • Gripstik.com
    New tech wrist roller stabilizes and strengthens your hands,wrists.

  • Humankinetics.com
    Publishers of sport books and videos.

  • TennisInstructionCD.com
    Tennis professional gives practical tennis tips for all players. These CD's can give you at tennis lesson while driving to your next match!

  • The Wacky World of Tennis
    An hilarious collection of 91 original tennis cartoons.

  • Tennis Traders
    Tennis racquets, tennis shoes, tennis equipment, all at discount prices!

  • Dress2win.com
    Tennis apparel for women.

  • In Touch Tennis
    Developing and empowering successful tennis players.

  • Sports-Central.org/Tennis
    An online sports media outlet focusing on commentary, insight, and analysis in unique fashion.

  • Tennis4All.com
    Tennis information, news, and tips.  Includes message boards for discussing tennis and buying/selling tennis equipment.

  • TennisTopspins.com
    A tennis instructional site.

  • Maxtennis.com
    Mental exercises to maximize your performance.

  • LaMangaSpain.com
    Europes premier sporting and leisure resort in southern Spain.  3 championship golf courses, 22 tennis courts, horseriding, cycling and watersports.

  • Tennisconfidential.com
    Website for the new book, Tennis Confidential: Today's Greatest Players, Matches, and Controversies, written by award-winning journalist Paul Fein.

  • TennisServer.com
    A informational tennis site

  • Aftasport.com
    No time for a shower?  Try Aftasport full body cleanups.

  • Tennisbookshop.com
    The Tennis Bookshop.

  • Tennismachine.com
    A super ball machine that can do it all!

  • Awningsleeveshirt.com
    Unique tennis shirt that helps absorb sweat and keep you cool on the court!

  • MaxShot.com
    Use MaxShot while you play to improve your forehand, backhand, volley, and serve.  MaxShot is the first tennis lesson in a product.

  • ChampionshipProductions.com
    Your source for books and videos on tennis and many other sports!

  • TennisPro.com
    Tennis instructional site, featuring videos by Scott Perlstein.

  • ResortSource.com
    A search engine and online directory of resorts for any type of trip or event, including tennis vacations.

  • BellaOnline Tennis
    A tennis community for tennis chats, articles, tennis links, and more!

  • TennisClinic.com
    All round tennis site with links to many aspects of tennis.

  • TennisAffinity.com
    Tennis Gifts, Greeting/Note Cards, Art, Jewelry, Posters, Creative content, and more!

  • Tennis4you.com
    Excellent tennis site for all round tennis information.

  • Rowztennis.com
    Zine for true tennis fans, featuring exclusive photos!

  • TennisPartners.com 
    Find singles, doubles, coaches, USTA levels, want ads.

  • Tennis101.com
    Tennis pro John Keller's site.  Ball machines, ball hoppers, practice balls, tennis tips, and more!

  • Racquetresearch.com 
    Interesting site for scientific analysis of rackets and tennis elbow.

  • USTA.com/rules
    Rules of tennis.  Official International Tennis Federation rules.  Simple to read.  Click on list of rules.

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