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Tennis Serve

You’ve practiced, listened to instructors, watched the pros, and now you just know that your tennis serve will be the envy of the club. After all, you know every movement, nuance, and delicate intricacy of successfully launching that elusive little yellow orb across the net in a manner that will guarantee your win—not to mention the “oohs” and “ahhs” of your friends and colleagues.

Tennis Serve

So, armed with great confidence (and the tennis serving tip given by your seemingly well-informed instructor), you get into position, lift up your racket, and watch as your ball falls with a disgraceful thud just shy of the net.

Sound familiar?

Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Every day, thousands of players begin their matches much the same way—convinced that their tips from “experts” and memorization of “proper” technique will garner respect and wins. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

At Tennis Warrior, we seek to teach players how to succeed with the skills they already have, and to hone in on mental toughness—rather than physical skill—to improve their games and win matches. No one can argue that the best tennis serve (and match, for that matter) is contrived of a series of delicate and intricate movement. However, how players learn these movements—and in what manner they utilize them—is always up for debate.

At Tennis Warrior, we teach players how to maximize the skills and talents they already have by learning:

  • The importance of mental toughness
  • How repetition of a few movements is more important than the memorization of complicated strokes and footwork
  • Tennis tips are not “one size fits all”
  • Even the pros don’t necessarily play tennis well
  • Proven strategies to improve their mental game
  • Why ignoring a tennis serving tip may be the best strategy

Sounds crazy, right? After all, anyone watching a Wimbledon match can’t help but notice the complicated footwork and sometimes-textbook strokes of the players. However, not many spectators actually know what it takes to play like a pro and have a “feel” for the game. This feel comes from mastering principles and movements—not complicated strategies and intricate footwork.

So, next time you launch the ball off of your racket, convinced that your flawless tennis serve will leave others in awe, remember this: Being perfect doesn’t guarantee a win. Being consistent, however, does. Start your journey towards winning at www.tenniswarrior.com.

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