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Tennis Stroke

Many players spend countless hours and thousands of dollars in search of the perfect tennis stroke, only to find that learning perfect form doesn’t necessarily guarantee perfect results. Some find themselves trying so hard to achieve perfect form, that they actually play worse than when they started! How does this happen?

Tennis Stroke

Nothing is “One Size Fits All” and tennis is no different. Just because a certain approach to a forehand tennis stroke works for Andre Agassi doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. That is because, when Andre Agassi and other professional players play, they utilize strokes and methods that suit their individual playing styles, physical builds, and mental processes.

There is a reason that no two professional players play alike, and that’s the same reason that “one size fits all” tennis tips don’t work. That’s why Tennis Warrior offers information in a wide variety of formats for all players of all ages and proficiency levels. We offer:

  • Books
  • CD’s and tapes
  • Online lessons
  • Free website information

Players are individuals. YOU are an individual. To prescribe a series of movements as the be-all end-all to successful playing would not allow players to develop their own feel for the game—and would ultimately lead to failure. Besides, every player has a different physical build, as well as different response time and reactions. Tennis Warrior knows this, and offers tips, advice, and lessons that allow players to utilize the skills and style they already have to succeed. Remember, playing well isn’t about re-learning anything or copying anybody. Playing well is about maximizing individual skills and attributes.

No one can argue that the basic tennis stroke is a pretty uniform movement. However, how each player achieves it is individual, and should remain so. Tennis Warrior teaches players to utilize the movements that feel the best to them to achieve their fullest potential, rather than focusing on what goes into making the perfect swing.

In many cases, players will develop a feel and style that works best for them on the court, regardless of whether it is “correct” or not. However, many players will find that perfect form can—and often does—follow function. Put simply, players who become more comfortable on the court will eventually start exhibiting a more flawless tennis stroke as they master just a few basic skills and movements.

To learn more, visit us today at www.tenniswarrior.com!

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