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Think Like a Pro
Winning tennis secrets to advance your game

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Looking for winning tennis strategies? Get into the mind of a tennis pro and learn the mental secrets that are the driving force behind his ability to win more than most players on earth. What do you think that would mean to you? I'll tell you. It would mean...

  • You would win more!
  • You would win more!
  • You would win more!
  • You would win more!
  • You would win more!
  • You would win more!
If you could learn the mental secrets the pros use to win, you could then apply these mental secrets and win more yourself, even with the exact strokes you posses right now. You do not have to change your strokes, just your thinking!

Are you with me so far? - good!

My name is Tom Veneziano. I have been a teaching pro for most of my life. Many of you have known me for years from my Tennis Lesson Hotline and more recently my Free Online Tennis Lessons. I hope you have enjoyed these lessons.  And for the newcomers - Welcome aboard!  I have taught hundreds of players to think like a pro - I can do the same for you.  But first...

Stop the insanity!

They say tennis is 75% mental, but everyone is focused primarily on the physical skills.  There simply is too much attention placed on the physical technical skills today and not enough on the mental skills.  In fact, every time a player misses a shot they tend to blame it on their lack of technical skills. You know - keep your eye on the ball, keep your knees bent, racket back sooner, elbow in, head up, nose down, toes inward, hair matted backwards, and who knows what else! This is a result of too much emphasis on the technical which causes players to over think.

It is time to learn more about the mental skills necessary to win, regardless of the strokes you posses. Go out and practice the physical skills, but if you would like to win with the strokes you have today you must change the way you think!

Winning with the strokes you have today!

You may or may not have the perfect tennis strokes. It simply does not matter! I have taught hundreds of players to win with the strokes they posses by changing the way they think. The top pros are not always technically sound either, but they have learned thru their thinking to win against opponents who are technically more skillful and physically more powerful. You can do the same.

Over the years my students have paid thousands of dollars and have learned the thinking that the top pros have mastered. One day I thought to myself how can I speed up this process. And then it hit me! If I could write a book that would teach them step by step the thinking that the pros have taken years to learn, my students could learn in a couple of days what otherwise would take them months and months to learn. I was so excited I began writing, and writing, and writing!



That book is now complete! There is no other book like it on the market. The name of the book is "The Truth about Winning!" Each chapter builds upon the one before to reveal a winning mental system that I have learned by trial and error as a teaching pro.  There's no theory here.  Only practical, proven techniques, methods and systems that you can easily utilize to think like a pro.  Click  here to read first chapter.

What others have to say about my book

"I've been playing tennis for years and Tom Veneziano has made a definite improvement in my game.  I've been through "standard" teaching methods for years, but after applying just a few of Tom's tips and his "unconventional" teaching methods, my game has advanced to the next level.  I've seen more improvement in the past few months than ever before.  Tom's book "The Truth about Winning!" is a must for every tennis player!"  

Bret Essing
Houston, TX

"Tom's Book is a Refresher Course on his Tennis Lessons.  What has helped my tennis the most is his Refocus Technique - "the next point is more important than the last mistake."    I shorten this to "next point" before the serve and I find myself saying "forget it"  to my partner if  she wants to dwell on the previous point or game (good or bad),   This has helped me  focus on the present point and it has helped me win more of my matches."

Marlene Rosenthal
Houston, Texas

I want you to experience the mental difference this book will quickly make in your game, so I have put a special package together just for you. But first, here is what you will experience when you finish reading "The Truth about Winning!" You will learn...

  • To think like a top pro!

  • To change your game without changing your strokes!

  • To play more relaxed and more confidently!

  • To win when you are playing poorly!

  • To create the correct environment to let winning occur naturally!

  • To use two simple winning professional mindsets that elude most players!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg.  When you read the "The Truth about Winning" it will change the way you think and that change will affect your ball placement, strokes, strategy and every aspect of your game.  You will never go back to the old way of thinking again. Why should you - you will be winning more!!!

You can get a $1000's worth of tennis lessons for....

As I said earlier I have put a special package together just for you. You will not pay $1000, $500, $100, $50, or $30 for this specialized information that can dramatically change your game. I am offering it to you for $14.95!

You will pay $14.95 for a $1000's worth of tennis lessons all condensed into one book.  No need to take months and months of tennis lessons.  It's all in my book "The Truth about Winning!  And that's not all! Order right now and along with "The Truth about Winning!" I will send you a unique gift absolutely FREE.

Free Gift!

Your free gift is a unique technique I developed called, "The Relax Technique". This Powerful booklet sells for $4.95 and can teach you the correct mental pathway to travel in order to play in the "Zone" (a term used to designate an automatic instinctive mode).  Anyone can use this technique to play in a more automatic, spontaneous, and relaxed mindset.  Does this technique work?  You bet it does!  I have been teaching my students for years to use this technique to access that special state of mind that eludes most players.  It works!  

"The Relax Technique" is yours Free when you order "The Truth about Winning!" today!  I love teaching and I want you to learn what I have learned over the years.

Order now and receive:

  • The Truth about Winning!

  • The Relax Technique!

And I almost forgot!  If you have not signed up already you can receive my FREE Online Tennis Lessons by typing your email address in the Subscribe Box on my home page.  These tennis lessons alone are worth hundreds of dollars.

This an incredible offer! All this for $14.95!  

Order Today!  This special will not last long.  Act now!

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