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Play Better Tennis

Do you want to play better tennis? Are you tired of paying for lessons, only to find that your technique isn’t improving? Did you know that 75% of succeeding at tennis doesn’t involve technique or physical ability at all? Even the pros (who are known for their superhuman strength and natural ability) will attest to the fact that—when it comes to succeeding on the court—it’s mind over matter. At Tennis Warrior, we offer free mental tips on how to play better tennis for anyone interested in improving their game without spending thousands of dollars on useless lessons.

Play Better Tennis

Written in a language suitable for novices and experienced players alike, our online tips explain how to improve your game without wasting time on theories that sound great, but don’t really apply to playing in the real world.

Here is how we do it:

First, visitors to our website will notice that we clearly list approximately 20 top myths that plague courts across the world. For example, did you know that it doesn’t really matter which stance you use—open or closed—to hit the ball? While instructors have long touted utilizing a closed stance, what’s really important is using a stance that feels comfortable to the player. Put simply, utilizing a stance is more about feel and comfort than some arbitrary rule set up by tennis “experts.” Interested in learning about other common myths? Just a few other myths we discuss are:

  • How keeping your eye on the ball may leave you running in the wrong direction.
  • Why winning shots don’t necessarily win matches.
  • Form is just a four-letter word.
  • Firm wrists can lead to limp results.

Our free mental tips on how to play better tennis can help anyone begin the journey toward thinking like a pro. By eliminating preconceived notions, learning a few little-known facts, and understanding the importance of controlling emotions, even novice players can improve their games without necessarily improving technique. Not only do we offer these on our website, but we also allow subscribers to receive—at no charge—more valuable lessons free on a monthly basis from tennis expert Tom Veneziano.

Lessons are always nice, but they can cost a lot and wreak havoc with already strained schedules. And, while our Tennis Warrior series is the best way to ensure success, we take pride in providing even casual visitors to our site with advice that is understandable and usable. Why? We want you to play better tennis when you visit www.tenniswarrior.com.

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