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Tennis for Beginners

Tennis for beginners can seem daunting, no matter how much they love the game. Understanding new rules and learning complicated strokes—all while trying to win a point now and then—can be a difficult balancing act. As a result, many newcomers to the court erroneously assume that looking and playing like the pros is the only key to success.

Tennis for Beginners

Many handle every shot with the same strength, hoping to power it over the net as a winner. However, very few realize the importance that mental skills can—and do—play in success on the court. Even fewer understand that skill does not always equal power.

Don’t misunderstand, however. Playing well requires time and repetition. However, understanding the mental aspects of the game are just as, if not more, important than physical skills. So, whether you are an old pro or a neophyte, thinking like an expert is more possible than ever.

We know that one major tennis tip for beginners is to stop thinking like one. However, even old timers are just as prone to faulty, sabotaging thinking. That is why learning to adopt the right mental attitude, as outlined on our site and in our products, is so important. It’s also why even players with fewer technical skills can, with the right attitude, sometimes triumph over more experienced players.

Tennis Warrior shows you how by:

  • Showing how relying too much on technical aspects of playing can cause players to over think their actions.
  • Teaching players how to change their game without changing their physical skills.
  • Enabling you to win even when you’re playing badly.
  • Overcoming emotional barriers to winning.
  • Replacing myths with facts.
  • Using intuitive thinking, also known as instinct.

Tennis for beginners can be hard. However, by utilizing techniques that hone mental skills, even newcomers can enjoy success on the court. For example, did you know that 75% of playing involves mental skill? Yet, time after time again, newcomers spend a disproportionate amount of time learning the technical aspects. And time and time again, experienced players with a large amount of technical skill are upstaged by someone less experienced, but mentally tougher.

Tennis Warrior wants experienced and inexperienced players alike to realize their fullest potential. That is why we strive to provide balanced, factual information. There is no one perfect tennis tip for beginners. Having the right mental outlook, however, is a good start. Get yours at www.tenniswarrior.com.

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