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Emulating the Pros

Myth - You should not emulate the way pros play because they are gifted athletes.

Truth - This makes a lot of sense! To all ungifted athletes - do not attempt to emulate the best in the world, instead follow a system of teaching that is destined to produce mediocrity.

I wonder if there is some kind of tennis sheriff that comes around and says "you're gifted, you use this system" and "you're ungifted, sorry but you learn this other way."

The concept here of course is do not learn from the best, because they are the best. Obviously this is absurd, if there is anyone you should learn from, it is the best. What the best do, they do for a reason.  Everyone should use them as a model to study and learn the game of tennis.

Conventional methods of teaching tennis are not based on the natural and spontaneous way that pros play. In fact, conventional methods are the opposite of the way that pros play, making players more rigid, unnatural, and mechanical.

You should try to emulate the pros when practicing and even learning the game of tennis. When looking for a teaching pro to help you learn the game of tennis try to find one who does not over emphasize the technical. Some procedures are necessary, but they should be kept to a minimum allowing repetition to mold your stroke. For more on this concept please read the "Physical Skills" under "Warrior System."

You should learn tennis with methods that teach you like a pro plays! Is this possible? Absolutely! I do it all the time. I have taught hundreds of players to be more automatic, relaxed, and instinctive. Eventually I hope to have some videos or even some email lessons that can show you how to learn this way. It's fun! Until then do not be afraid to follow what the pros are doing when you watch them on television.


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