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Form is Everything

Myth - To play tennis properly you must have the correct form.

Truth - Did anyone ever see Babe Ruth at bat?  Form?  What form?  This applies to most tennis pros on the circuit today!  Have you been watching them with an informed eye.  If not, let me help you out.  The pros do not play according to the conventional methods and form that are taught today.  I know, I know!  They are gifted players, therefore we should not emulate them.  I refer you to one of the tennis myths "emulating the pros" for an explanation of this concept.

The woods are filled with tennis players who look good, but can not win.  Now, I am not saying to go out and play sloppy tennis.  The point is to not get hung up on this 'perfect form' thing.  If you do, you will begin thinking the correct form will make the ball go over the net correctly.  You may be thinking, "well, doesn't it?" Answer.  No!  You could have the perfect form according to accepted tennis instructional books and be the idol of your club.  But, if your timing and judgment are lacking you will look great as the balls go flying everywhere.  You will, however, take excellent pictures for the club bulletin board or perhaps a local magazine.

Timing and judgment are far more important than the perfect form.  This is why pros are pros!  Even though they do not have the perfect accepted form they have superior timing and judgment and have acquired a "feel" for a given shot.  This is why Babe Ruth hit so many home runs.  The form does not make the ball go in the court, the unique individualized "feel" they have developed through exceptional timing and judgment does.

Stop relying on form to make you a good tennis player.  Start relying on repetition and hours of practice to develop your timing, judgment, and "feel" of a particular shot.  If you have nice form that comes along with this practice, terrific. But, if you do not have conventionally accepted form, it doesn't matter.  Who knows, maybe you will become a pro!


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