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Winners Win Matches

Myth - Hitting winners is the way to win your matches.

Truth - You will probably be shocked to learn that when the pros play only 10 to 20 percent of their shots are winners. This means 80 to 90 percent of the shots are consistent controlled shots moving their opponent around looking for an opening to hit a winner.

Before I go on let me cut you off at pass. Just in case you think you are not guilty of this infraction. There are two different mindsets that can impact your matches. The first is the "consistent mindset" (waiting for the right opportunity to hit a winner) and the second is the "hit winners" mindset (trying to hit winners too soon).  Most players will agree that no matter what you do in tennis you should be consistent.  Yet, guess what mindset most people play in? You guessed it!  The "hit winners" mindset.  Most of the time players do not even know themselves that they are playing with the "hit winners" mindset. To them they are just trying to win the point. More than likely you are guilty of this infraction and do not know that you are thinking incorrectly. You probably overplay many shots attempting to win points too soon.  Most players do!

Especially if the ball comes back to you more than two times. You will begin subconsciously thinking I must be doing something wrong because the ball keeps coming back You will then attempt to hit the ball harder or try a low percentage shot to end the point. Yes, you probably play in the "hit winners" mindset too often.

I challenge you to monitor yourself to see in which mindset you play. If you are guilty of playing with the "hit winners" mindset, make an effort to change and play with the "consistent mindset" waiting for the right opportunity to hit a winner. If you practice this, I guarantee you will begin winning points you otherwise would have lost, and as an added benefit you will play far more relaxed in your matches.

Winners do not win matches - consistency and control does!


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