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The Truth about Winning!

Welcome to the truth about winning. I have been a tennis pro for over twenty five years and have successfully taught many players to win. I work extensively with the mind and have developed a system of thinking that makes it easier for the mind to grasp and understand tennis concepts, while at the same time developing mental toughness. I call this system the Tennis Warrior System. This system was born of many years of teaching, observation, and results. The Tennis Warrior System is not theory, but application knowledge. All my books and tapes are interrelated. The more you read and listen, the more you see the overall big picture. My books and tapes are designed to give players critical thinking skills so they can utilize the Mental Toughness Sphere and quickly develop mental toughness. Thereby, allowing them, when necessary, to select the correct application from an arsenal of information in their own mind!

In this way they become a true Tennis Warrior, they are not intimidated by the ups and downs of a match, they become self sufficient, and they learn to play in a more instinctive and automatic mode. In short, they become mentally tough, and win more! The truth about winning is part of that arsenal of information.

Here are some of the concepts you will learn in this book. First, how to stay positive in the face of negatives. Second, what negative thinking really is, and third, two winning mind-sets. There are five levels through which you will advance. The basic, intermediate, advanced, professional, and the Tennis Warrior level. Each level building on the one before until you understand the truth about winning. At level five you graduate with honors. Here is an outline of the five levels:

  • Level 1 Basic - Your correct and incorrect perception of negatives and positives.

  • Level 2 Intermediate - A test and a technique for staying positive.

  • Level 3 Advanced - A master principle for evaluating negatives and positives.

  • Level 4 Professional - The correct perception of negatives and positives applied to winning.

  • Level 5 The Tennis Warrior - Unexplored Territory.

The Tennis Warrior is a thinker who has learned the art of being mentally tough. He has accomplished this by the accumulation of valuable information that can be utilized at the proper time. The Tennis Warrior’s mental toughness is not reserved for only playing pros, but for every level of play.

You can learn to think correctly whether you are a beginner or championship player. Mental Toughness, as the name implies, is in the mind. Therefore, the Tennis Warrior seeks out information that will build his mind so he can instinctively make the correct mental decisions in a competitive event. Anyone can learn to be a Tennis Warrior if they are willing to let go of some preconceived incorrect Ideas that appear correct, but on closer investigation are not rooted in true success principles. Success principles that work, are time tested, but often forgotten. It is my opinion that these principles are forgotten because of two reasons.

First, when success is finally achieved, it always appears complicated. The unsuspecting onlooker confuses the outcome with the process of achievement. The final achievement may be complicated, but this does not mean the process of accomplishing that achievement is complicated. The process for success is always planted firmly in simple success principles. I have a phrase I use to help my students understand this principle and apply it to tennis. That phrase is, do the simple right, then do the simple better, then simply be the best at doing the simple. The pros do the simple so well, you think it is complicated! Often, this is not a simple lesson to learn.

Second, in this day and age everyone desires success, but no one wants to do what is necessary to reach their goals. As a result, they desperately search for short cuts and abandon the true pathways to success. The final outcome is pseudo success. Since this type of success is not founded on correct success principles, when the pressure is on they fall apart. Hundreds of books are written that promise you short cuts to success. Listen to the title of a tennis book that is on the market that says it all. The title is, "Learn to be an "A" Player in a Weekend." Do you think many tennis players would buy this book?

To me these two reasons are why true success principle are often talked about, but rarely applied. If you are interested in short cuts and not interested in the true success process, this book is not for you. However, if you would like to learn "the truth about winning" that is rooted in these success principles, This book is definitely for you.

Additionally, you will learn principles and concepts that can be applied to any sport, business, or life. I have been involved in sports either as a player or coach for most of my life. The athletic arena to me is just a microcosm of life. In sports or in life you are always faced with negative and positive situations that requires skillful mental maneuvering, as well as the possession of excellent problem solving capabilities. You must contend with self-doubt, discouragement, and despair as well as conviction, encouragement, and inspiration. Your confidence, character, and self-esteem are all challenged as well. Many times all three, your confidence, character, and self-esteem are called upon to rise to the occasion.

How your mind handles these challenges in the athletic arena will be similar in the business and life arenas. If you justify and rationalize your negatives, mistakes, and failures in the field of sports, you will do the same in life. If you blame everyone and everything for your failures in sports, you will do the same in life. If you have many successes in sports and become carried away with yourself, you will do the same in life.

On the positive side, if in the athletic arena you handle failures and successes correctly, you will do the same in life. The way you think in sports will be the same way you think in life and the way you think in life will be the same way you think in sports. I mean, after all, it is YOUR thinking and you bring your thinking with you in whatever arena you may be in, whether it is sports, business, or life. One always influences the other. Therefore, even though this is a book about tennis, what you will learn will reach far beyond the athletic arena into the core of your thinking. I can only hope that you are prepared. If not, when you are finished reading this book – you will be!

Now, onto the truth about winning.

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