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Mental Skills

Mental Toughness

What is mental toughness? Mental toughness as the name implies is the development of mental skills. You can develop these mental skills by learning mental principles, concepts, and related knowledge that can be applied to learning tennis and your match play situations.

Therefore, a good working definition for mental toughness would be:

Mental toughness is the accumulation of valuable information that can be utilized at the proper time.

Anyone can become mentally tough, whether they are a beginner or an advanced player. Since the key to mental toughness is thinking and not the physical skills, a beginner can develop the same mental toughness skills as a pro. In fact, I know many beginners and intermediate players who have much better mental skills than advanced players.

On whatever level you play, if you can develop correct mental skills like a mentally tough pro, your game will improve rapidly. You may or may not have the physical skills of a top pro, but you can learn to think like a pro.

Where do you find the correct information to develop mental skills and think like a top pro? Coaches, books, tapes, or trial and error. Yes, there are many good coaches, good books, and good tapes that can teach you mental toughness. I recommend you learn from them, but let me tell you what I can offer you. I have books, tapes, email newsletters, voice mail newsletters, and a web site all working together to teach you one comprehensive organized system that can help you learn and develop mental toughness at a much faster rate.

I am your link to professional thinking. I have been in the trenches for twenty seven years, teaching thousands of players just like yourself to develop mental toughness and the necessary savvy about the game of tennis. I have already done the 'trial and error' method for you! I know what works and what does not. You can go through years of trial and error and hope you figure out what the truth is about the game of tennis and about developing mental toughness, or you can learn from my experience and years of hands on teaching. I know what I am doing.

Learning some basics

Mental Toughness is the accumulation of valuable information that can be utilized at the proper time. To become mentally tough you must seek out and learn information that will develop your mental skills. Although many of these mental skills are logical and make sense, few players choose to utilize them. There are three reasons why.

  1. No one has told them

  2. They cling to incorrect preconceive notions

  3. Their emotions control their thinking

If you play tennis and you can overcome these three obstacles, you can dramatically improve your mental toughness and your tennis game. If you are a beginner, you can improve your ability to learn faster. Let us address these obstacles one at a time.

  1. No one has told them. Many times players just do not have access to the correct information about learning tennis, playing tennis, and mental toughness. As a result they make decisions based on incorrect thinking. I can remedy that! You can begin by signing up for my free monthly Email Tennis Lesson.

  2. Incorrect preconceived notions. This category of incorrect concepts includes:

    • Hitting winners, wins matches

    • Success and failure are opposites

    • Success is complicated

    • Acknowledging negatives is negative thinking

    • Negatives, mistakes, and failures are bad

    • Mental toughness means you never fail

    • Mental toughness is being emotionally charged

    • When you learn the truth about these misconceptions you will be surprised!

  3. Emotions controlling their thinking.  Most players become entangled in their emotions when faced with negatives, mistakes, and failures. They let the emotion control the thinking, instead of the thinking, with the correct information, control the emotions. Part of mental toughness is mental control over your emotions that react to negatives, mistakes, and failures. The Mental Toughness Sphere can help you here! From these three obstacles the most difficult one to overcome is emotions controlling the thinking. Incorrect emotion skews the thinking and causes you to think contrary to the correct way.

Take for instance a phrase I teach when players first come to me. That phrase is, the next shot is more important than the last mistake. Most players immediately say "yes, yes, I've got it," but as soon as they experience negatives, mistakes, and failures, that phrase the next shot is more important than the last mistake turns into the last mistake is more important than the next shot! A complete reversal! Correct knowledge is the solution to all three problems above, including handling your emotions

The Mental Toughness Sphere

Combating the Emotions

To remedy all three obstacles and offset the control of the emotions over your thinking, I have created the Mental Toughness Sphere. The conflict most players experience on the tennis court is a conflict between the Emotions and the Mentality. Below is a diagram of the Mental Toughness Sphere and its Eight gates.

  1. The Refocus Technique
  2. The Relax Technique
  3. Freedom to go for your Shots
  4. Orientation to Tennis Reality
  5. Mastery of Negatives and Positives
  6. Momentum Confidence
  7. Match Play Testing
  8. Mental Toughness

You work your way from gate one (the Refocus Technique) to gate eight (Mental Toughness) by learning and applying the Knowledge incorporated in the Mental Toughness Sphere. The Mental Toughness Sphere has an abundance of tennis knowledge related to developing mental toughness in all spheres of life. The principles in the sphere are proven and time tested. In fact, over the years pros have used these principles to develop their own mental toughness. I did not create these proven and time tested principles.

I did, however, harness the power of these principles by analyzing them, categorizing them, labeling them, and finally linking them together into one comprehensive organized thinking system that will enable you to develop mental toughness quickly.

You stay in the Mental Toughness Sphere by using the Refocus Technique (gate one) and not allowing your negatives, mistakes, and failures to control your thinking. If you stay in the Mental Toughness Sphere your thinking will control your emotions leading to the correct decision-making process and a relaxed mental attitude.

You move out of the Mental Toughness Sphere by allowing your negatives, mistakes, and failures to control your thinking. When you are out of the Mental Toughness Sphere your emotions will control your thinking leading to an incorrect decision-making process ending in frustration.

My new book "The Truth about Winning!" is part of the Tennis Warrior System and discusses in detail how the top pros have developed mental toughness.  Whether beginner or advanced player this book can teach you how to win with the strokes you have today.  No need to change your strokes just your thinking!  Click here for more details

What the mental skills can do for you

They say tennis is 70% mental, but the emphasis when you learn tennis is always placed on the physical skills. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player you must learn the mental skills. Here is what my system and the Mental Toughness Sphere can do for you:

  • Teach you to emulate the thinking of the top pros

  • Teach you to control your emotions and stay positive in match play

  • Teach you techniques to stay positive, stay relaxed, and give yourself the freedom to go for your shots

  • Teach you to take your negatives, mistakes, and failures and turn them into opportunities

  • And ultimately teach you to develop mental toughness and win more!

Whether you are a beginner or a championship player I can help you learn faster, think quicker, and win more! I have already proven my system thousands of times and it works.

But, do not take my word for it. Sign up for my free Email Tennis Lessons and learn from me every month.  I will change the way you look at tennis and teach you the inside secrets which took me years to learn. Not only from the mental aspect, but also the physical game.

Secrets like:

  • Keeping your eye on the ball will not make you hit the center of your racket

  • You do not have to stand perfectly balanced on every shot you hit

  • When your racket turns in your hand it is not because you did not hold on tight enough

  • You do not use your muscles to hit the ball harder

  • You do not have to do everything technically correct according to traditional methods taught

  • The pros do not play according to traditional methods taught

  • Timing, judgment, and reading the ball are much more important than the technical skills

  • How to develop the mental with the physical when learning any stroke

  • Mental toughness is a natural result of following simple principles

  • The eight mental dynamics of repetition

  • Winners do not win matches.

Are you Shocked! Not exactly what you expected was it? To learn faster, develop mental toughness quicker, and play better tennis you must clear up many of these misconceptions.

Mental toughness is the accumulation of valuable information to be utilized at the proper time.

I have the knowledge and the experience to teach you that valuable information. Let the modern wonder of the internet allow you to have your own personal online tennis pro.

I will teach you the secrets of professional tennis that you can use to develop your mental game as well as your physical game. Yes, you too can think like a pro!

How to get started:

  1. Tom's Free E-mail Tennis Lessons! (Sign up FREE on this website)

  2. Website - www.TennisWarrior.com

  3. Books

  4. Audio tapes and CDs

Let me be your secret weapon!  I promise I will not tell anyone.

Tom Veneziano

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