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September 1, 2000
A plan for doubles

Hi, my book is selling!  Thanks to you all.  The kick off for my book was the book signing.  Everything went well.  We had food, wine, and no one remembers what happened after that.  HA!  Only kidding.  They took the cover of my book and had it blown up to a poster size board that everyone signed.

Pictures were taken, so I will display them at my website when I finish.  Website coming soon!   I would personally like to thank Carol Vickery and everyone that made the book signing possible.   It meant a lot to me. Thanks.

I will let you know how the review of the book is going.  So far the feedback has been positive.  Most have told me the book definitely applies to life situations as well as tennis.   I am glad to hear that because that was my intentions when I wrote it.  If anyone has any comments send me an email.

Any questions you may have about tennis email me at tom@tenniswarrior.com

Send all new email address to tom@tenniswarrior.com for the tennis lesson email list.

Below is a simple plan for doubles - use it!  Remember, do the simple right, then do the simple better, then simply be the best at doing the simple.  The pros do the simple so well, you think it's complicated!

Tom's Online Tennis Lesson

Welcome to the tennis lesson hotline, sponsored by Tom's Tennis Tapes, "educating players one mind at a time." I'm Tom Veneziano.  This lesson last approximately 2 minutes and changes on the first of every month.

Over the years I have seen many players complicate the game of doubles.  As a result, I have designed a basic doubles plan and labeled it Plan "A".  It is amazing how many good players violate the simple principles in Plan "A".  Mainly because players do not keep track of where the ball they hit is going.  Most players just hit the most comfortable and best shot they have in their repertoire, regardless of whether it was the correct shot or not.  Let’s see if Plan "A" can help you become more aware of where your ball is being hit.

Use Plan "A" when you are up at the net by yourself or preferably with your partner.  Plan "A" dictates that you hit all low balls and all high short balls (a high short ball is a high ball in front of the service line) to a specific spot on the court.  When you are up at the net your opponents can be positioned in three different formations.

Formation 1.  One up, one back

Formation 2.  Both back

Formation 3.  Both up

In this lesson we will only discuss the formation that occurs the most, formation 1.  When your opponents are in a one up, one back formation you should hit high short balls to the net persons feet or somewhere on their side.  You could also angle or hit to the middle, but at first you should keep it simple and hit to the net persons feet.  It still amazes me to see how many players hit the high short ball to the player on the baseline. They finally get the opportunity to win the point and they choose to it the ball to the person on the baseline.  Who in turn lobs over their head! Never give your opponent more chances than necessary to lob over your head. When you are hit a high short ball, go for it!  If you miss, it does not matter, you were hitting the right shot at the right time.  All high short balls should be hit to the net persons feet - it is that simple!

All low balls should be hit to the player on the baseline.  Again, it is amazing to watch players consistently hit the low ball to the player at the net.  When you have one opponent on the baseline and one up at the net, do not hit the low ball to the player at the net!  This simple does not make sense.  The low ball you are hitting will be rising upward nice and high for the net person to blast it at you or your partner.  To hit a low ball back to the net person and keep it low at their feet is very difficult. Especially in the heat of battle.  Besides why even attempt to do this when you can hit the ball to the opponent on the baseline.  I call the opponent on the baseline the safety valve. When you are in trouble play it safe and hit to the player on the baseline.  A low ball is just such a situation. Play it safe and look for something better to hit for a winner.

Plan "A" is actually simple, but players unknowingly violate the principles all the time.  High balls should be hit to the net persons feet, and low balls to the player on the baseline.  Test yourself when you play and see if you are guilty of any of these simple infractions.  If you are, stop!

If you are interested in receiving more information, a brief description of my audio tapes, prices, and testimonials are listed below.  Thank you.

Your email tennis coach,


Copyright © 2000 Tom Veneziano.  All rights  reserved.

What others are saying about my tapes!

"Tom deals with the thinking end of tennis like no one else. It's almost too difficult to explain, you have to experience it. He has an uncanny knack for getting right to the heart of the matter. You come away thinking, that's right: it makes sense!"

Colleen Cremer, Houston, TX.

"It's interesting to note that everyone can use these tapes from beginner to championship level. You can apply the information to whatever level you play on."

Dan Hanusa, Houston, TX.

" Tom's audio cassettes have changed my thinking, aligning it with the correct information needed to improve my game. He's right there with you, inside your head, challenging you to make those changes. It's like having your own personal coach! I highly recommend his tapes for everyone."

Linda Zimmerman, Houston, TX.

"On the way to my HLTA match I listened to Tom's tape, "Some Before Match Pointers." Call it a coincidence, but I won my first HLTA match ever! I just seemed to be in a better frame of mind. Thanks, Tom."

Mary Ogden, Houston, TX.

"Tom and I have been friends for over twenty years. It's not surprising to me players talk so positively about his tapes. He's always possessed exceptional athletic ability along with an unusual analytical mind. Tom simply likes to think! At times he would drive me crazy, but he was the driving force behind my journey into tennis. I'm 6'1" and Tom is 5'6" but I could never beat the little imp! All joking aside, if Tom's thinking is on audio cassettes, you should listen! You'll never view tennis the same way again!"

Sam Lacava, Tennis Professional, Stewartsville, N.J.

Thank you all for the testimonials! I appreciate it!


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