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April 1, 1999
Formula for success

I regret to have to announce because of unforeseen circumstances this will be the last Email Tennis Lesson Hotline. Sorry, I hope that if any of you ever come to Houston you’ll look me up at The Piney Point Racquet Club. I enjoyed my brief visit with you all and perhaps in the future I can begin the Email Tennis Lesson Hotline again. Thank You! April Fools!...did I catch anyone? I just wanted to see if I could slip that by right under the date! 

Okay here we go...really!  Thanks to everyone the Email Tennis Lesson Hotline is growing!...we are now up to 37 tennis buffs! Including one from France and 2 from Japan...we're international! My first goal was 50, so we’re not far off....thanks everyone, I appreciate it! And thanks for some of the nice Emails I've received! If you have any new people please contact me at tom@tenniswarrior.com  

Rob Cantrell had an interesting point to make about the last lesson about forgetting your mistakes and moving on. "The next shot is more important than the last mistake" not only on mistakes you think are okay, but mistakes on easy shots also! Rob mentioned that this should be extended to your doubles partner as well! This is big time right on the money! Your partner's weaknesses are your weaknesses and their strengths are your strengths! You’re a team and you must accept their failures as your own....even if you are the better player! This is difficult to do, especially when you are the better player! "The next shot is more important than the last mistake" is true for your partner's mistakes as well!!! The comment I always make to my lessons is this, if you can not accept this type of thinking, do not step on the court with that partner or any partner! Once you do step on the court with that partner you are responsible to adopt this attitude! The burden falls on you not your partner!!! Thanks Rob for the observation!

Below this month's lesson are my audio tapes with instructions on how to order if anyone is interested. Also, there are some testimonials of people who have listened to my tapes. Eventually I hope to have a website you can go to with tennis-related information! If you have any questions about the tapes please feel free to contact me at tom@tenniswarrior.com

And now....the lesson!

Tom's Online Tennis Lesson

Welcome to the tennis lesson hotline , sponsored by Tom's Tennis Tapes, "educating players one mind at a time". I'm Tom Veneziano. This lesson lasts approximately 2 minutes and changes on the first of every month. 

How would you like a formula for tremendous success in tennis? Okay, I’m going to give it to you....are you sitting down? Here it is! "Do the simple right, then do the simple better, then simply be the best at doing the simple! The Pros do the simple so well, you think it’s complicated!" This is a very powerful concept and usually takes years to completely understand! I challenge you to adopt it NOW! Winning is not about fantastic shots or hitting winners all over the place! Winning is about keeping it simple and letting the fantastic or spectacular be a natural result. Do not make the fantastic, spectacular, or winners your first priority in your mind. I call that playing in the "hit-winners mind-set." Play instead with a "consistent mind-set" and upgrade to the "hit-winners mind-set" when the opportunity arises! 

I’ve watch players for years try to reach another level by trying to hit the ball a lot harder or hit more winners! They figure that must be it, that’s why those players above me are better! This couldn’t be farther from the truth and is a pitfall for many a great player. I mean think about it, when a player breaks into the Pro status he thinks, now I really have to make some great shots! It never dawns on him that the difference is very simple, but subtle. Instead of hitting 8 out of 10 deep approach shots, the next level makes 9 out of 10!!! Instead of hitting a serve at 280 miles an hour, the next level hits a higher percentage of first serves in! Instead of hitting 30 unforced errors, the next level up only hits 28! Instead of making decisions based on the fantastic, the best in the world make their decisions based on percentages!!! The fantastic, again, becomes a result of this type of thinking, but is never a cause of winning! 

Now, if the best are thinking this way what in the world are you doing with the emphasis on winners and the fantastic! This is a mind-set you have to change to reach higher levels! Increase the percentages of the simple shots you have, don’t try to increase the spectacular for that one moment of magnificence.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?....wrong!  This concept eludes most players. "Do the simple right, then do the simple better, then simply be the best at doing the simple! The Pros do the simple so well, you think it’s complicated!"...But, it’s not! 

If you're interested in receiving more information, please click tapes and books for a price list and description of my books and tapes.  Thank You!

© 1999 Tom Veneziano, 10855 Meadowglen #1022, Houston, TX 77042

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What others are saying about my tapes!

"Tom deals with the thinking end of tennis like no one else. It’s almost too difficult to explain, you have to experience it. He has an uncanny knack for getting right to the heart of the matter. You come away thinking, that’s right: it makes sense!"

Colleen Cremer, Houston, TX.

"It’s interesting to note that everyone can use these tapes from beginner to championship level. You can apply the information to whatever level you play on."

Dan Hanusa, Houston, TX.

" Tom’s audio cassettes have changed my thinking, aligning it with the correct information needed to improve my game. He’s right there with you, inside your head, challenging you to make those changes. It’s like having your own personal coach! I highly recommend his tapes for everyone."

Linda Zimmerman, Houston, TX.

"On the way to my HLTA match I listened to Tom’s tape, "Some Before Match Pointers." Call it a coincidence, but I won my first HLTA match ever! I just seemed to be in a better frame of mind. Thanks, Tom."

Mary Ogden, Houston, TX. 

"Tom and I have been friends for over twenty years. It’s not surprising to me players talk so positively about his tapes. He’s always possessed exceptional athletic ability along with an unusual analytical mind. Tom simply likes to think! At times he would drive me crazy, but he was the driving force behind my journey into tennis. I’m 6’1" and Tom is 5’6" but I could never beat the little imp! All joking aside, if Tom’s thinking is on audio cassettes, you should listen! You’ll never view tennis the same way again!"

Sam Lacava,Tennis Professional, Stewartsville, N.J. 

Thank you all for the testimonials! I appreciate it!


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